FPSRussia Shirts:

AAC Nighthawk 1911: Chambered in .45 ACP, this custom 1911 was built by Nighthawk Tactical, its a match grade pistol that is suppressor/silencer ready. You can pick one up for around $3,000.

AAC Ti-RANT 45 Suppressor/SIlencer: The Ti-RANT .45 is the worlds first silencer for .45 ACP pistols that is truly stealthy when fired dry. The average dry sound signature of the Ti-RANT .45 is 133 dB when fired on a Heckler and Koch USP Tactical .45 with Remington 230 grain ammunition. This puts the dry performance of the Ti-RANT .45 squarely in the ballpark of most competitor’s 9mm pistol silencers. With a wet charge of 5ccs of water, the sound signature drops to 125 dB. To put it another way, our .45 silencer is quieter than some companys .22 silencers. You can pick one up for about $850 not including your $200 tax stamp.

The magazine is a colt 15 round 1911 magazine I picked up at a gun show, you can find them for around $20 though not all of them work 100% of the time.

The ammunition is standard .45 tracer, its normally in red, but if you look around the net hard enough you can find green. Also to correct a comment I read earlier, the ammo Im using is sub-sonic (slower than the speed of sound) you cannot get a 45ACP round to be reliably supersonic without making the bullet so light as to be unusable, given the pressure limitations of the chambering.